Short Stories

Delicate Ecosystems (The Fiddleback)

Maggots had already gotten to it when he found the body.

The Dog Days: Mobile Uploads from the Lerner/Williams Vacation (Monkeybicycle)

‘What I wouldn’t give to drink the sweat from the underside of her tit,’ Oswald is thinking, though he tries to affect that he is thinking, ‘Why can you no longer find bubble-gum-flavored bubble gum?’

Little Pink Dancing Shoes (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Ever since I left, his letters have been forwarded to me, bundled in twine. They became a sort of jigsaw puzzle of your life, each sheet of ivory bond a piece of you, fitting together to show who you would become. I never needed to see the completed puzzle, though, because of those days with the shoe lady.

Lyme Disease (elimae)

What I do to get rid of ticks is to run till they burst.

Pet Hospital (The L Magazine)

At the entrance to the hospital, situated in the foothills to a genuine range outside of our community, we drove beneath its sign, Saint Loretta’s Home for Individuals Disabled by the Loss of Animals, in the compact still under both our names.

That Was Me Hating You (The Rumpus)

The funk of smelling a key, the tang of tasting a key: Clarity has the aroma and flavor of doorknobs.